Psalm 1:1-3; Colossians 2:6-7

our heart

Eternally Rooted is a embroidered Christian clothing and accessories brand created to not only glorify our Father, but to empower His children to declare the truth of who they are and the One in whom they are rooted, while fulfilling their God-given purpose.

Let our apparel and accessories be a source of encouragement. As a child of God, you are set apart and an extension of our Father. You are embedded and abiding in Him. In all your ways you seek the Lord; each day you move in accordance with His Word and His purpose. Shine your light and confidently walk in who God called you to be!

You - faith walker, enemy stomper and light of the world - can't be shaken or moved!

You are rooted beyond measure, and destined with purpose

hey Y'all!

from our steward

My name is Charity and I am the steward of Eternally Rooted.

This ministry and business is a faith journey for me. God has placed many things on my heart, but I let doubt and fear stop me from moving forward. Entering 2022, I no longer wanted to be afraid to move in faith or trust God because I didn't know the plan, the what-ifs or have control. I made a declaration that this would be a year of extending my roots in Jesus and diving deeper. With much hesitancy, I walked up to the edge of my decision and jumped! Now I have the opportunity to be a steward of what He has placed in me.

ER was brought into existence by God to remind His awesome kiddos (that's us!) of our true identity and the deep-rooted relationship we have with Him. But it's also a gentle nudge to encourage us to be confident in how God sees us and what He's called us to do. Newsflash: you have a special purpose, my friend! God has placed so much within you. Don't let fear, insecurity, or doubt hold you back from stepping into the incredible adventure He's already set in motion. You are absolutely the right person for the job, and remember, there are people out there who can only be reached by YOU and YOUR story.

Love, Charity